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International Quilt Museum

The International Quilt Study Center & Museum (IQSCM) in Lincoln, Nebraska, is partnering with American Patchwork & Quilting to share information on quilting traditions from around the world.


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More About Ralli Quilts

According to Patricia Stoddard, the author of Ralli Quilts: Traditional Textiles from Pakistan and India, the IQSCM has one of the most significant collections of ralli quilts outside of India and Pakistan. This greatly pleases Ducey, who notes that because quilts are such a part of American history we often have an insular view of quilting, forgetting that this textile tradition is ancient and practiced in countries around the globe. The IQSCM collection preserves quilts for future generations and makes information and images of quilts available worldwide through its website. Many more ralli quilts can be found by searching the IQSCM database.

For more information on ralli quilts, visit and the International Quilt Study Center & Museum Web site.