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International Quilt Museum

The International Quilt Study Center & Museum (IQSCM) in Lincoln, Nebraska is partnering with American Patchwork & Quilting to share information on quilting traditions around the world.


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Traditional, Yet Unique Quilt Designs

Quilts with this kind of overall pattern were typically stitched solo: the intricate appliqué had to be heavily basted before the fine appliqué stitching was done and the appliqué had to lie completely flat to avoid distortion.

"These quilts have their basis in the traditional European quilt, but when you see them you know they’re Hawaiian," says Carolyn. "The Hawaiians found a way to take the traditional and make it unique."

For information and pictures of a variety of Hawaiian quilts, visit Honolulu’s Bishop Museum’s Ethnology web site.

To learn more about the IQSCM’s extensive collection of more than 2,300 quilts and the history behind them, visit

Photo courtesy of International Quilt Study Center, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2005.015.0001.