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Host Your Own Round Robin

A quilting round robin is a fun way to push your creativity and design style--all with the comfort of working with friends! Each person in the round robin designs their own center and entrusts the other members to progressively build their tops. If you want to start your own quilting round robin, download these fun invitations, journalling cards, and quilt labels!

Red Invitation

This cute invitation is perfect for inviting your friends to join a Round Robin quilting circle. Include information such as the starting dates and the general rules.

Get the free invitation here. 


Tan Invitation

Ask participants to RSVP by a certain date. If you live close to each other, you can have a kickoff party with food, drinks, and some sewing. If you live far apart, you can exchange contact information between all participants, so you can get details finalized before the start date.

Get the free invitation here.

Red Journaling Card

Have each participant print out some journaling cards. For each round, they can fill out their thoughts on the design process--how they chose the fabric, what they added to the quilt, what new techniques they tried, and what they learned about their own quilting style. 

Get the free journaling cards here.

Tan Journaling Card

When the quilts are done, compile the journaling cards for each quilt. Each participant can read the journey their quilt took and what each person added. They can place the journaling cards in a small book or photo album with pictures of the quilt.

Get the free journaling cards here.

Red Quilt Label

Add a quilt label to your finished quilt. Include the names of all participants for a nice commemmoration of all the hands that touched the quilt. 

Get the free quilt label here.

Tan Quilt Label

You can even add the quilt's name and finished date to your quilt label. Get creative by writing a little quote or poem that means something to you about the quilting circle.

Get the free quilt label here.


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