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Fabric-Free Quilts

Not all quilts are made with fabric! Show off your love of all things quilting by adding a quilt made from paint, tile, or canvas to your decor. Check out these ten ideas.

  • Chef's Choice

    Quilted blocks on the backsplash hint at the favorite pastime of the resident chef in this home! Fill your walls with your favorite quilt patterns using hand-painted tiles.

  • Painted Rug

    A quilt pattern looks at home covering the floor of this classic kitchen. All it took was an assortment of paints and quality painter’s tape to turn an ordinary floor into a thing of beauty.

  • Rental Agreements

    Don’t know what to do with a no-paint clause in your apartment contract? Add a colorful stand-up quilt to your space by stretching canvas around a framework and painting squares in your favorite colors.

  • Artisan Tiles

    New products offer even more ways to spread quilt patterns around the house. Slip one of these signature tiles into a field of solid-color tiles on the floor or on a wall to create a great look for less money.

  • Mix and Match

    Mismatched tiles surround a bathtub and give the feel of a crazy quilt. Begin your collection by picking up tiles on the discount table at your favorite tile shop, then keep your eyes open for salvaged tiles here and there.

  • Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

    Painted diamonds add personal style to this cabinet and are repeated on the tabletop. For an easy project, cut a stencil. You can create a quilt on any piece of furniture or even on the border of a purchased curtain.

  • Square in a Square

    It’s all about the floor in this vanilla-white kitchen. Careful taping and a subdued color scheme will make the squares look sharp and crisp. Top with two or three coats of polyurethane for durability.

  • Quilted with Tile

    The gray-and-white backsplash turns this cooking nook into a space filled with country charm. To duplicate the look, purchase white and gray tiles in the same size, then cut six tiles of each color into quarters on the diagonal—just like quilting!

    Note: You may want to hire a professional to install the tiles.
  • Make a Splash

    Making a statement with quilts in the kitchen can be tough. Often cabinets or windows take away most of the available wall space. What’s a quilter to do? Take a cue from homeowner Sandy Johnson who had custom Flying Geese tilework done on her backsplash. The timeless blue-and-white palette mixes well with other colors as Sandy’s décor changes seasonally.

  • Oh, Baby!

    Instead of hanging a quilt near a baby’s bed, opt for this safe and beautiful alternative—paint one on the wall instead! Start by choosing a quilt pattern that lends itself to stenciling. Cut a stencil or find an appropriate quilting template. Then select paint colors that coordinate with the décor and you’re ready to go. No doubt your efforts will result in a one-of-a-kind “wall quilt” that will mesmerize baby and visitors alike.