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American Folk Art Museum: Year of the Quilt

The American Folk Art Museum has named 2011 the Year of the Quilt. Learn more about three quilts from its collection. 


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Super Stars: Quilts from the American Folk Art Museum Exhibit

What: A diverse array of pieced, appliquéd, and embroidered star-studded quilts, curated by Stacy Hollander.

Why: “This exhibit really shows you the imagination of quiltmakers and what they can do with just the basic idea of stars,” Elizabeth says. From traditional five-pointed stars inspired by the American flag to kaleidoscope-inspired stars, you’ll see how this motif has evolved over more than 100 years of quilt history.

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Photo: Star of Bethlehem with Satellite Stars Quilt. Artist unidentified. Possibly Pennsylvania; 1930–1950. Cotton and blends, 81-1/4x81”. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Danziger, 1985.4.1. Photograph by Helga Studios. Courtesy of the American Folk Art Museum.