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American Folk Art Museum: Year of the Quilt

The American Folk Art Museum has named 2011 the Year of the Quilt. Learn more about three quilts from its collection. 


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Not So Crazy

At first glance, the Map Quilt (1886) has been mistaken for a crazy quilt, but Elizabeth believes it’s not. True crazy quilts are randomly patched and often contain foundation piecing, luxurious fabrics, and embroidery. While the quilt is made of silk and contains embroidery, the background was a published pattern called Right-Angle Piecing. Because embroidery only appears in some of the states, Elizabeth believes the quilt may be unfinished.

Photo: Map Quilt. Artist unidentified. Possibly Virginia; 1886. Silk and cotton with silk embroidery, 78-3/4x82-1/4”. Gift of Dr. and Mrs. C. David McLaughlin, 1987.1.1. Courtesy of Rizzoli and the American Folk Art Museum.