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Video 9: Pressing to Prevent Bulk

Learn how to press seams and clip edges in order to prevent bulk at seam intersections.

One of the secrets to successful quilting can be found
in pressing. When you have a block or rows that
go together where you have multiple intersections, sometimes there can
be a lot of fabric bulk in those seams. How
do you make sure that your blocks and rows lay
flat on the front? The secret can actually be found
on the back side of your block. We're going to
talk about a way to clip your seam allowances at
those intersections to make sure we reduce some of that
bulk. From the back side of the block, you'll see
where all those seams start to intersect and that's where
the bulk or the bump occurs on the front of
your block. So how we're going to take care of
that is simply by. Keeping your block or your rows
folded so that the seam allowance is facing you. Then
you're going to come in with some sharp pointed scissors,
and you're going to make a small clip tight next
to that seam allowance. So not through your stitching lines,
but just a few threads from it. Then turn your
block over and repeat that same clip right up next
to the seam allowance. And again this is where you
wan t to have sharp tip scissors. So when you're
opening your block then, that center seam allowance will form
a tiny four-patch. And you'll undo a couple of stitches
and press open. And let me just do some pressing
here. Your directional pressing of your seam allowances will allow
you to press this seam allowance in one direction. And
the opposite seam allowance going in the opposite direction. And
what you'll end up with then is a little four-patch
in the center where that seam is actually pressed open.
It lays flat. Your seam allowances are not pressed in
the same direction there across that join and that will
make the front of your block come together nice and


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