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Pressing Like a Pro

Pressing well makes a big difference in your finished quilt's appearance. Learn the secrets!


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Practice Your Pressing

Need to practice your pressing?  These projects will give you lots of opportunities to get it right!

Quilt Designer: Verlinda Magby of Oklahoma Quiltworks
Quilt Name: Springtime In Oklahoma, Quilt Sampler, Spring/Summer 2006
"Springtime In Oklahoma" will give your iron a workout.  With its long strips, blocks with intersection seams, and half-square triangles on the bias, you’ll be pressing like a pro in no time!

Quilt Designer: Leslie Main and Valerie Witte of Country Traditions
Quilt Name: Through Thick and Thin, Quilt Sampler, Spring/Summer 2005
Utilizing a zigzag border and folded triangles, "Through Thick and Thin" will reinforce the need to pay attention to how seams come together, as well as remembering that in pressing, you need to pick your iron up and put it down in another area for the best results.

Quilt Designer: Barb Zawistowski of Quilt Cottage
Quilt Name: Circle of Pineapples, Quilt Sampler, Fall/Winter 2004
Whether you construct "Circle of Pineapples" using wool or traditional appliqué, you’ll remember the importance of not crushing your shapes. Prevent them from going flat by laying them facedown on a terry towel when it’s time to press.