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Must-Have Quilting and Sewing Notions

Stock up these handy tools, gadgets, and notions that could save you time and money when you quilt or sew.

Indygo Junction Thread-Ready Pincushion Pattern

What: This pattern for a versatile dual-purpose pincushion includes templates for four pincushion sizes and several spool sizes.
Why: Keep spools of thread as well as pins and needles in the same place for easy access.
Price: $8.99
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Photo courtesy of Indygo Junction.


Creative Grids Specialty Rulers

What: With no-slip gripper dots, notches for rotary cutters, and easy-to-read markings, these rulers make it easy to transform 2-1/2” strips into units for blocks.
Why: Quickly cut triangle-squares using the 45° Double Strip Ruler, quarter-square triangles using the 90° Double Strip Ruler, and units for Kaleidoscope blocks using the 45° Double Strip Kaleidoscope Ruler.

Price: $25 each
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Dritz Better Bobbin Winder

What: In addition to filling bobbins from thread spools or tubes, this versatile bobbin winder also allows you to fill bobbins directly from your sewing machine without unthreading the needle.
Why: Experience sewing with fewer interruptions.

Price: $39.99
For more info:; available online at

Coats & Clark Cotton Covered Thread

What: Do you miss Dual Duty Plus thread? Coats & Clark has created a new three-ply thread with a polyester core and cotton covering to replace its classic thread. It debuts in April.

Why: This thread is meant to bridge polyester’s strength and cotton’s sewability for piecing and quilting.
Price: $2.85/spool
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Superior Threads Texture Magic

What: Stitch this steam-activated shrinking polyester fabric to the wrong side of your fabric to reduce fabric size by 30 percent and create a textured look.
Why: The ruffled texture is trendy, and the shrinking process is fun to watch! If you need inspiration, Superior Threads sells more than 20 quilt and sewing patterns featuring this product. 
Price: $11.99 (47x18”); $23.50 (per yard)
For more info:

June Tailor Preprinted Freezer Paper

What: These freezer paper sheets are preprinted with flowers (shown), letters, and crazy-patch blocks.
Why: Tired of tracing? Use these basic shapes instead to save time when appliquéing or creating crazy-patch blocks.
Price: $14.50–$24.99
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Soft Touch Thread Pic

What: The tiny hook on the Soft Touch Thread Pic slips easily through fabric layers making it perfect for hiding or removing stray threads without leaving marks or punctures in a quilt.
Why: If you’re a long-arm quilter or embroiderer, this will become your go-to tool. You can also use it to turn under appliqué edges.

Price: $7.95
For more info:

Fiber Goddess Diva Fiber Cord Maker

What: Using a notched acrylic template, bobbins, and a tension clip, you can weave a cord of perle cotton, embroidery floss, yarn, or other fibers for quilting, home decorating, jewelry, purses, and more.

Why: Create a designer look yourself.
Price: $36
For more info:

Clover Black-Gold Needles

What: These needles, available in size Nos. 9–12 for sharps/appliqué, betweens/quilting, and quilting, are specially polished and have ultrathin black plating to make them 30 percent more friction-resistant than other needles.
Why: The qualities that make these needles sew more smoothly also prevent rust so they last longer.

Price: $5.50/pkg.
For more info:

Gingher Seam Ripper with Retractable Blade

What: An ergonomically balanced handle, a razor-edge retractable blade, and a chrome-over-nickel finish are welcome upgrades to the basic seam ripper.
Why: Reduce the frustration of ripping out seams—the slightly rounded blade reduces snags and snips.
Price: $24.99–$27.99
For more info:; available online at

Photo courtesy of Gingher.

LaPierre Studio Supreme Slider

What: The tacky-back Teflon sheet grips your machine’s sewing bed so your quilts moves effortlessly as you free-motion quilt.
Why: This notion takes the friction, and so the frustration, out of machine quilting.
Price: $29.95
For more info:

Photo courtesy of LaPierre Studio.

Clover Wrap 'n Fuse Piping with Nancy Zieman

What: This 3/16”-wide cording is covered in fusible web. Simply wrap fabric around the cording, pin the layers to your ironing board, and use the tip of an iron to press the seam allowance closed.
Why: Spend less time prepping for pillows and bags and more time sewing.
Price: $5.95

For more info:

Simplicity Bias Tape Maker

What: Let the Simplicity Bias Tape Maker create single-fold bias tape for you. Simply feed the fabric strip’s end through the metal tip, and press the button.
Why: Skip time-consuming pressing.
Price: $99.99
For more info:

Dritz Petite Press

What: With an adjustable handle, four temperature settings, and a digital control pad, Dritz’s Petite Press packs a lot of heat for its size.
Why: Say so long to schlepping a full-size iron to classes and retreats.
Price: $39.99
For more info:; available online at

Aurifil Kit Art Amazing Threads

What: From machine piecing and quilting to appliqué and hand embroidery, Aurifil’s Kit Art Amazing Threads collections offer thread that’s up to the task. Each kit features 12 colors of thread chosen by Pat Sloan, Edyta Sitar, or Marianne Byrne. 
Why: The kits also coordinate well with fabric lines made by the designers. 
Price: $84–$99
For more info:; available online at or

Sewline Gift Set

What: Sewline’s Gift Set contains smooth-writing, water-soluble fabric pencils (including a three-in-one style); easy-to-hold glue-stick pen; pencil eraser; and lead refills. To see it in action, watch our Tool School video.
Why: This handy set offers storage and savings for appliqué enthusiasts.
Price: $39.99
For more info:; available online at


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