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Ironing Advice

Learn the features and accessories important to pressing well.


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Keep It Clean!

It’s so frustrating to begin to press your quilt block and then finding that something yucky is stuck on your iron! If you tend to use a lot of fusible adhesives, spray starch, or fabric spray, it’s important to clean your iron frequently. Iron cleaning products are available at your local quilt shop or chain store. If you need something right now, try this simple solution.

Wipe off the iron with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust. Remove as much as you can from the soleplate. Turn the iron on hot. Grab an old towel and rub the ironing surface over it until all the buildup is removed. When the iron cools off, wipe it again with a clean cloth. The soleplate will be as good as new!

And a little hint if you’re using the same iron everyone is using at a class or retreat--always look first before you press!