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Ironing Advice

Learn the features and accessories important to pressing well.


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What Kind of Iron Should I Buy?

Choose an iron that can be adjusted to a cotton setting and can be used with and without steam. There are a variety of irons available, including some small portable models that work well for classes or for special purposes such as pressing bias strips or appliqués.

If you plan to use your iron with fusible web, be sure to place a protective, nonstick sheet between your fabric and the iron to prevent the fusing adhesive from sticking to the soleplate of the iron. Nonstick soleplates are easy to keep clean but might scratch if you’re not careful. Or, consider purchasing a soleplate cover or second iron for use only with fusible web.

An automatic shut-off feature is convenient if you tend to be forgetful. However, you should still unplug when you’re done for the day as a little bit of current still runs through the iron.

If you like to use steam, a water reservoir is a useful component. Many full-size irons come with them built in. Travel irons usually don’t, but you can use a spray bottle with water. If you’re really a steam hog, you might want to consider a steam-generating tool similar to what department stores use, but one that is geared toward the home sewer.