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Caring For Your Quilts

Learn how to care for and clean your quilts.


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Drying a Wet Quilt

Machine-drying is hard on quilts, but sometimes it’s the only efficient way to quickly get a quilt back in use. Be advised that putting a wet quilt in a dryer puts a strain on the quilting stitches (especially hand quilting), and may result in popped threads. It’s better to air-dry the quilt for a while to remove most of the moisture, then fluff in the dryer on "air" setting with no heat.

The best way to dry a quilt is to lay it flat between two sheets outdoors on a dry, breezy day. If indoor drying is the only option, lay down a plastic drop cloth to protect the floor, then spread out the quilt on top. Use fans to speed the drying time. Fluff in the dryer.

Don’t hang a wet quilt. The weight will weaken the fabrics and tear the stitches.