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Video 7: Perfecting Exact Quarter-Inch Seams

Learn a few tricks to achieving exact quarter-inch seams.

Achieving the perfect quarter-inch seam: every quilter strives for it
sport and it sure makes putting our quilt top together
easier if all the pieces are accurately sewn together. But
how do you do that? Here are couple simple tricks
you might want to try. First of all some, machines
allow you to move the needle position to a quarter-inch
seam allowance. Others have a guide on the bed. Or
you can even try a specialty foot. This is one
of my favorites. A quarter-inch presser foot has a little
guide along one side that sort of acts like a
bumper as you feed the fabric in and lets you
know exactly where the edge of the fabric should be.
You can also create your own guide if you don't
have a guide on your machine already. You can use
just a simple roll of masking tape and layer multiple
pieces together. Here I've got about five pieces stuck together.
And I'll lay that on the machine bed, sticking it
down in just the right spot. But how do you
figure out where to place that is really the key.
Begin by cutting one and a half inch- wide fabric
strips. Then sew those together using a quarter-inch seam. Sew
your first two pieces together, press the seam allowance away
from the center strip. Make sure you're getting a good
press. You want to make sure there are no fabric
folds in there that would put you off of your
mark. Then add the third strip. What you should end
up with then is a strip in the center that
measures exactly one inch. If you're off, it means you
need to adjust your quarter-inch seam allowance until until that
center strip measures exactly one inch. Then you're ready to
sew. Test your seam allowance before every project to make
sure you're sewing accurately before you begin piecing blocks. The
time you spend will be time well spent.


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