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What's Your Organizing Personality?

Struggling with setting up a sewing space that works for you? To determine your perfect system, learn more about what matters to you! 



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Due to the sheer volume of fabric and tools that quilters use, clutter and disorganization can easily take over a sewing room or, in some instances, the entire house. Does this sound familiar?

While clutter is personal, it is not unique, according to Deborah J. Cabral, a professional organizer who is known as The DeClutter Coach. Deborah has developed four organizing personalities—Make-It-All Martha, Display Donna, Organized Olivia, and Family-Oriented Fran—to help people define their styles and create individualized solutions. (Read the next pages for more about the personalities.)

"When we first visit new clients’ homes, we’re paying attention to their personalities and preferences as much as their clutter," Deborah says. Then she and her team draw on their knowledge of clutter-busting strategies to provide advice. 

"Success looks different for each organizing type, as does the way you get there," she says. "But the overall goal we would set for each quilter is always to have a place where you can be creative and find what you need with minimal effort."

Begin the process of self-analysis by reading about the four personalities on the following pages. Don’t worry if you find yourself identifying with more than one type. Most people are a combination of two types or have a primary and secondary type. 

"You’re a mix of characteristics and will be most successful with a mix of solutions," Deborah says. Whether you have a dedicated space to sew, share a space (maybe half of a bedroom or playroom), or sew in any space you can find, it is possible to have an organized area to be creative.

Deborah J. Cabral, Certified Professional Organizer, is dedicated to helping people get organized, change habits, and create systems that will allow them to be more productive at home, in the workplace, and in life. Her syndicated television show, Organization Motivation!, is seen on select TV stations across the country. For more information, visit