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Stylish Sewing Room

Maximize your creative space using these ideas for storing your stash, tools, and supplies in style!

Fashion Curtains

Fat quarters: Fold them and forget them? No way! Press and hang them side by side from curtain clip rings to make easily changed cafe curtains.


Get Some Models

Stick your neck out and add a mannequin--or two--to your space. Then put her to work holding your measuring tapes and modeling your newest apron. If her frame is fabric-covered, pin on a couple of fabric swatches so you can ponder them for a few days as your play with your next project's color palette.

Label Clearly

Plain glass jars too boring? Dress them up with adorable labels you can download!

Get the free labels here.

Display Spools

Elevate your thread collection to artwork! Surround an ordinary thread spool holder with a brightly painted frame to set it apart.

Sit Pretty

Who doesn't enjoy getting a cheap seat now and then? If you find one with fabric that offends your style sensibilities, re-cover it with your favorite dots for a seat that's spot on!

Update Your Ironing Board

Not finding an attractive ironing board cover? Create your own! Using the original cover as a pattern, cover the board with a favorite cotton fabric that you've lined with one or more layers of thin cotton batting for padding.

Create a Library

Don't limit your reading material to standard bookshelves. Repurpose a vintage wire rack to keep quilting resources in view.

Store Buttons

Sort buttons by color or style in test tubes and store the test tubes in a beaker so you won't have to experiment with your ability to resist buying more buttons.

Fashion Curtains

Fat quarters: Fold them and forget them? No way! Press and hang them side by side from curtain clip rings to make easily changed cafe curtains.

Scissor Storage

Tired of patting your tabletop to find where you've set your scissors? Slide your scissors, point first, into the center openings of antique bobbins and you'll always have a handle on their whereabouts.

Wrapped in Ribbon

Do you buy bits of ribbon, then wonder what you'll do with them? Store pieces in sight on a multipair trousers hanger so they will be top-of-mind for your next project.

Ruler Storage

Stacking rules on uneven surfaces can warp them. Why not hang them instead? Turn old doorknobs and metal hooks into hangers by mounting them on a pretty painted 2x4 that then can be hung on a wall. Tie ribbons through the holes in the rulers and hang them from the knobs and hooks.

Store Your Rolls

Look at a storage piece from another angle. Upend a cubbyhole unit so its openings are on the top instead of the side. Then fill it with tall rolls of interfacing, freezer paper, and fusibles.

Choose the Right Size

Storage comes in all shapes and sizes. You may prefer uniform boxes that hide away dissimilar ojbects, or you may like to line up your spools of trim in an open bin that's at the ready when inspiration strikes. 

Pretty Patterns

Vintage magazine and pattern covers make great art--group them for visual impact. Don't have any? Go to to find reproduction posters like this one.

Show Off Blocks

Skirt the issue of how and where to hang mini quilts (or sets of finished blocks waiting to be joined). Clip them to a skirt or pants hanger and hook the hanger over a shelf. Hangers are especially helpful where wall space is limited.

Raid Your Kitchen

Cook up fun displays by stealing from the kitchen. One possibility is to fill a three-tier server with coloful spools of floss, tiny jars of buttons, and other quilter eye candy. 


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