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Smart Ways to Store Fabric

No matter what your definition of organization, here are some tips for sorting and storing your fabric stash.

Easy to See

A wire bin right under your work space keeps your favorite fabric within reach and makes it easy to see what you have. If you have too much fabric to fit, consider displaying only what you need for your current project and keep the rest stored out of sight. 


Lots of Labels

And old office cabinet can easily be converted into sewing storage. Stack fabrics by color on the shelves and use the tiny drawers to store smaller supplies, such as thread, rulers, and scissors. Add labels to drawers and shelves, so you always know where to return items.

Unsort Your Stash

If you're not a neat freak, this is a great way to store your scraps. A pull-out garbage can store both tiny scraps and bigger pieces of miscellaneous fabric. Install one right next to your cutting board, so you can easily toss scraps while piecing. 

A Yummy Solution

Food tupperware containers are an afforable way to store supplies. Corral all fabrics for one quilt in a larger tupperware container or stash ribbon or buttons away in smaller containers. Not only is tupperware stackable for easy storage, but it's also very portable!

Easy to See

A wire bin right under your work space keeps your favorite fabric within reach and makes it easy to see what you have. If you have too much fabric to fit, consider displaying only what you need for your current project and keep the rest stored out of sight. 

Quick and Clutter-Free

Don't have the patience to organize and label your fabrics? No worries! Simply stack (or stuff) your fabrics onto a shelving unit. You can hide smaller scraps or supplies in bins, but precuts look pretty on shelves whether they're sorted or not.

Hanging Fabric Storage

Mount cafe rods on a wall or the side of a cabinet to make great hangers for fat quarters. Organize fabric by color or by designer to make finding the perfect piece a breeze.

Photo Boxes

Organize precuts by color or collection using clear photo boxes. Hide them behind doors or buy boxes with a tint to them for colorful storage.

Stylish Storage

Storage doesn't have to by ugly. Turn a bookshelf into fabric storage and a work of art! Neatly stack fabrics on some of the shelves and use some to display spools of thread and ribbons in pretty glass containers and baskets. Display your favorite quilting books, pretty supplies, and vintage collectibles on top. Add a wall hanging for a pop of handmade style.

Rolled-Up Fabric Storage

Contain rolls of felt or fabric using this quick and thrifty idea: cut a fabric measuring tape to size and sew on a colorful snap.

Fabric Decor

Let your favorite fabrics double as decor. Fold fabrics neatly in a cabinet that looks as tidy when the doors are open as when they’re shut.

Undercover Storage

Hide unsightly supplies under a table covered with a cloth. Overlap the edges of the tablecloth in front, so you can easily lift up the curtain and grab what you need. Add a decorative ribbon around the top of the tablecloth for a bit of style.

Uniform Stacks

Keep the height between shelves to a minimum. That way, pulling out a stack of fabric to sort through is manageable and you avoid creating leaning towers of fabric.

Neatly Tucked Away

Have bits of ribbon and trims stashed in places you can't see? Wind them around uniform-size cards and store them in a pocketed, over-the-door hanger meant to hold shoes or toiletries.

Multitasking Storage

Shoe organizers are a natural option for storing fabric. They're great for keeping rolls of batting, fusible web, and freezer paper from rolling around. Plus, they're just the right size for stacking your favorite collection of precuts. 

Store by Sight

Stash getting out of control? Shoe boxes might be the solution to manage your collection. Stash all your scraps by color, then cut a piece of fabric the same color and tape to the outside for quick reference!

Tucked Away

Colorful and fun metal bins can hide fabric and look at home in any room! Tuck them onto bottom shelves for a bit of uniform or keep them on the top shelf for easy access.

Sort and Store

If you only have room for underbed or big tub storage, don't forget to organize within those bigger containers! Use smaller boxes or dividers to keep fabric collections, precuts, or colors organized.

Rows of Color

Organize fat quarters by color on an open shelf. They're easy to access and the pretty display of fabrics will allow you to see what colors you're running out of!

Set Scraps Aside

Don't toss out fabric scraps! Instead, stash them in baskets sorted by color. When you're ready to make a scrappy quilt, pull out your baskets and get busy.

Sorted Storage

Coordinate fabrics by designer, style, or manufacturer, and store in baskets of different shapes and sizes. The baskets allow you to keep various bundles and shapes of fabric in one location. Label the baskets to take organization to the next level!

Double Duty

Don't overlook storage spaces that can do double duty. For instance, this storage bin system holds fabric and also serves as the base for a cutting and ironing surface.

At a Glance

Stop searching and start working! Clear, resealable bags can hold magazines, fabric, and works in progress. Just open the bag and start sewing.

Sort by Size

Whether you cut specific sizes from every fabric or cut yardages with a particular quilt project in mind, sorting by dimension is a storage option. Use clear-plastic storage boxes to hold fabrics of the same size and label the boxes for true efficiency.


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