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Organize Your Sewing Room

Peek into stylish and functional sewing rooms and work spaces! Steal storage ideas for your own room or be inspired to carve out room in your home for an organized sewing space. 

Pieced Sewing Space

Create a work area out of a table, a hutch, and a rolling cart. Add pegboard to the cabinet doors to provide extra space for hanging supplies. Let the rolling cart hold heavier equipment and transport projects from one work area to another.


Shared Space

If you're struggling to find sewing space, consider making a room do double duty. This sewing space carves out room in a laundry room. A desk with pull-out drawers, shelving up the wall, and baskets to hide the clutter are just enough room to hold a sewing machine, fabrics, and necessary notions. 

Contain Clutter

Eliminate clutter by stashing fabric and quilting supplies in an armoire. Hang fabric swatches and inspiration from the doors, and use upper shelving for organizing fat quarters and boxes containing quilting notions.

Cheerful Sewing Space

If you don't have room to spread out, think about spreading up. Stack storage compartments on your sewing table to keep supplies at hand. Open shelving hold fabric, while closed drawers stash rulers and scissors. Place clear jars filled with thread and buttons on top to create a bright and organized space.

Tucked in a Nook

You don't need a whole room to corral your sewing supplies--turn a small nook in your house into a sewing space. Fit a table against the wall, add shelving, and hang a curtain across the opening to hide the space when it's not in use. 

Recycled Storage

You don't need to spend a lot of money on storage. Put baskets of fabric or a little storage container under a card table and cover it with a table skirt to hide any clutter. Cereal boxes hold books and magazines, while a cork board is great for pinning inspiration and patterns in sight. Nail colorful metal containers to the wall for places to stash fabrics, notions, and scraps. 

Cram It In

Every inch of space is put to work in this armoire. Frequently used books are organized between bookends atop the armoire. Metal panels and magnetic clips on the left door hold a calendar and cards. Cork tiles hot-glued onto the right door are fitted with hooks to hold scissors and stencils, and fabric is stashed in closed drawers and extra shelving. 

Flexible Workspace

A rolling cart can provide a sturdy work space. Add a piece of durable plywood to restaurant-style metal shelving to make a portable cutting station.

Smart Storage

A small kitchen island makes a useful craft cart. Store magazines and patterns in boxes, fabric in a wire basket, and hide small quilting notions behind a door. Post notes and inspiration on a bulletin board surface inside the door.

Tucked Away

Transform a cabinet into a self-contained storage area. Store fabric, rickrack, and embellishments on one shelf and your sewing machine on another to keep supplies out of sight (but not out of mind!).

Get Crafty

For inconspicuous storage, hang a piece of pegboard on the inside of a closet door to organize your craft supplies. Add a bar to store ribbon and small baskets to hold rulers, scissors, and marking tools.

Spread Out

If you have a large space, use a corner desk and long tables that can serve as cutting and sewing space. Make sure to use the wall space to store magazines, patterns, and other supplies.

Easy Access

For easy access, stash fabric for current projects in tiered wire baskets on your cutting surface. Maximize wall space by hanging tools from a pegboard.

Close at Hand

Make your sewing space portable. Carry all fabric for your current project in a medium-size basket. You can bring that and your sewing machine to any available work surface when you're ready to sew! 

Organized Sewing Space

Create a sewing corner anywhere in your house with a work surface and storage. For a colorful inspiration board, glue a fabric remnant to a magnetic chalkboard. Slide a woven basket under a desk to hold fabric scraps, and place a small wire shelving unit in the corner to stash larger pieces.

Inspirational Space

To expand your storage area in a colorful way, paint pegboard and mount it above stock cabinetry. Hang shelves, hooks, and containers from the pegboard to keep supplies within reach. For an easy place to stash fabric swatches and other bits of inspiration, add clipboards to the pegboard.

Wall Storage

Furnish a sewing space with a flirty-legged vanity, comfy chair, and wall-hung cupboard that’s the perfect size to hold ribbon, patterns, and stacks of fat quarters. Drawers in the vanity and boxes on the table hide notions.

Pieced Sewing Space

Create a work area out of a table, a hutch, and a rolling cart. Add pegboard to the cabinet doors to provide extra space for hanging supplies. Let the rolling cart hold heavier equipment and transport projects from one work area to another.

Catchall Cupboard

Store small craft items, including clear jars of ribbons, beads, and buttons, in a shallow hanging cupboard and slide rolls of fabric out of the way behind finials on top.

Closet Storage

Pretty fabric panels hide this space’s hardest worker: a closet lined with assemble-yourself storage components. These stackable boxes and drawers organize everything from fabric to notions. Pegboard puts even the smallest wall space to work stowing tools and essentials so they are orderly yet within reach. Best of all, you can close the panels to conceal the creative clutter.


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