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Organize Sewing Supplies

Create a clutter-free work space by storing your scissors, rulers, thread, and other notions with one of these stylish organization ideas.

Use Vintage Pieces

Store buttons, pins, and other small quilting supplies in decorative containers, such as antique muffin tins.


Pretty Pincushion Display

Display a collection of pincushions within reach on this pretty pedestal. Keep yours on a counter for fun decor, or hide it in a cabinet to keep your work space neat.

Ruler Storage

Keep track of smaller templates and specialty rulers with a large D-ring binder and zippered see-through pockets.

Flea Market Style

Corral crafts supplies in a three-tiered stand made from vintage tins.

Get step-by-step instructions here.

Magnetic Storage

A bank of 7-inch-deep cabinets allows for creative storage ideas, including this magnetic memo board. To make your own, cut a piece of galvanized metal to fit your space, then screw it to the cabinet back. For a pretty finish, cover the metal piece with wallpaper.

Vintage Drawer Storage

Decorate boring drawers with pieces of punchy wallpaper. Stash buttons, ribbons, and other notions in vintage candy dishes for easy-to-rifle-through storage.

Pop of Red

Use pegboard and small buckets as functional decor. Eliminate clutter by stashing marking tools, thread, and other small quilting notions in cute painted, wooden, or metal containers.

Embellishment Storage

For visible storage, line up jars housing small embellishments and notions such as buttons in a spice rack.

Stashing Notions

Use a flatware divider to store often-used items next to your sewing machine. They'll always be in reach, but won't roll off the table. 

Less-Mess Dispensers

Unwind yarn or ribbon with ease by stashing the rolls in an empty sugar dispenser and threading the ends through the hole in the lid.

Clever Ribbon Storage

Fill straw dispensers with towers of ribbon spools and watch them rise to the occasion. Not only are unruly ribbons kept in check, but they’re also visible. To get the spools inside, remove the top of a dispenser insert and slide ribbons onto the rod.

Glass Notion Storage

Choose candy dishes and glass vases to hold buttons, ribbon, and fun embellishments in style. Organize by color and group them for a pretty tabletop display.

Pegboard Storage

Keep supplies out of the way by employing vertical storage. Pegboards on a wall easily hold anything that can hang, such as these thread balls. Scissors and ribbon also hang perfectly from pegs.

In-Progress Project Storage

Corral supplies for a current project in an old lunch tray. Each section of the tray can hold a variety of notions, from pins to thread, for easy-to-see (and transport) storage.

Arrange by Use

Label and stack boxes of notions you rarely use on top shelves, keeping items that you use often at arm’s reach.

Pretty Ribbon Storage

Sort ribbons or buttons in glass candy jars to add delightful color and texture to an open shelf or tabletop.

Smart Use of Space

Fashion a pullout ironing board or use a tabletop ironing board for light pressing tasks. Smaller ironing boards take up less space when they’re not in use.

Get Creative

Store ribbon on a vintage wire rack. Scour vintage shops and flea markets to find other creative ways to display ribbon, trims, and fabric.

Secured Suitcase

An old suitcase can hold a variety of small quilting supplies. Look for a suitcase with small pockets (or create you own) on each side to keep supplies in place.

Small-Scale Storage

Organize rickrack, thread, and other small quilting supplies in small plastic bins from a hardware or craft store. Many organizers that are for tools or other hardware items can easily accommodate sewing supplies.

Clever Details

Hit the hardware store for useful storage containers. The small drawers meant for nails make great receptacles for embroidery thread. Create labels for the small drawers.

Use Vintage Pieces

Store buttons, pins, and other small quilting supplies in decorative containers, such as antique muffin tins.

Coordinated Colors

Organize buttons by color and store them in transparent, matching containers. Hide the jars in a pullout drawer to minimize clutter.


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