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Two Ways to Quilt a Strip Quilt

See how to quilt two straight line designs on a strip quilt. Our step-by-steps make it easy to recreate this quilting with your home machine.


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Option #2: More Straight-Line Quilting Designs

Stitching diagonal lines through squares and rectangles adds interest to a bricklike quilt top design.


Mark Quilt Top

Using a water-soluble marker or chalk and an acrylic ruler, mark diagonal lines through each square and rectangle across the quilt top. Start at the upper left-hand corner of each vertical row, marking to the lower right-hand corner of the square or rectangle. Pivot the ruler and mark the next square or rectangle diagonally in the other direction, making a zigzag line vertically down each row. (Marked lines give you confidence as you begin to stitch.)


Assemble Quilt Layers

Prepare the quilt sandwich (marked quilt top, batting, and backing).


Set Up Machine

Remove presser foot and install a walking foot. Add a new machine needle, and thread the machine and bobbin with 50-weight, 100% cotton thread. Use a quilt-sandwich swatch to test thread/needle/tension combination and stitch length.


Begin Quilting

1. Begin stitching at the upper left-hand edge of first vertical row, stitching a diagonal line through the top square. (Diagram 1). Follow the red arrows and line in each step.

2. Following the marked line, pivot with needle down and presser foot up; then put presser foot down and stitch the next diagonal line through the rectangle (Diagram 2). Continue in same manner until vertical row is stitched (Diagram 3).

3. Referring to Diagram 4, start at the bottom of next vertical row, pivot 180º and repeat steps 1 and 2.

4. Stitch remaining marked zigzag lines, pivoting and stitching as before to complete the quilting design.

5. Baste all remaining unstitched edges.