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Quilting Design Gallery

Echo Quilting

Echo quilting can be done with closely spaced concentric lines that simply follow the contours of the appliqué pieces. For a more casual look, use more widely spaced stitching.


Outline Quilting - Job's Tears

Outline quilting of Job’s Tears, a traditional pattern done here in classic 1930s reproduction prints, was stitched 1/4" inside each pattern piece, as well as 1/4" from the edge of each four-pointed star.

Echo Quilting

Echo quilting can be done with closely spaced concentric lines that simply follow the contours of the appliqué pieces. For a more casual look, use more widely spaced stitching.

Background Designs--Clamshells

Clamshells (simply partial circles stacked in rows) fill a portion of this quilt’s background. This pattern can be stitched by hand or machine.

Background Designs--Stippling

Stippling provides texture and interest behind a pattern, such as this appliqué shape.

Background Designs--Parallel Lines

Diagonal lines--here stitched in pairs at 45-degree angles to the seam allowances for a trellis design--also can fill backgrounds.

Background Designs--Baptist Fan

The traditional Baptist fan quilting design, the result of concentric arcs stitched over an entire quilt top, lends an antique feel to this project.

Allover Designs--Free-Motion Floral Designs

Viewed from the back, this allover machine-quilted design reveals free-form loops and feathers. On the front, this type of allover quilting blends sampler blocks in many hues.

Big-Stitch Beauty

The aptly named “big stitch”--a quick, simple, hand-quilting technique--results in this primitive, folk art look.

Concentric Circles

Kaleidoscope, a traditional block, naturally gives the illusion of movement. To accentuate the spin in the design, the quiltmaker machine-quilted circles in each block.

More Concentric Circles

Maple Leaf blocks in autumn colors made the designer think of a rainy fall day, so she quilted overlapping circles to create the illusion of leaves floating on the water.

Serpentine Stitch

A puffy wool batting made machine-quilting this project an excellent choice. The serpentine stitch (available on many sewing machines) is easy enough for beginners.

Spider Webs

Inspired by Mother Nature, this quilting design is fittingly called a spider web pattern.

Free-form Delight

Bright, playful colors called for a fun, free-motion design of loops and squiggles.

Geometric Designs

The wonderful, geometric pattern shown here illustrates how a plain background can be made special.

Make it Personal

This quiltmaker went outside the box when she quilted family member’s handprints in this wide border.

Border Fills

Diagonal lines radiating from the center of the quilt fill a wide inner border. The dark, outer border provides space to add a wispy cable design with a related, but not connected, corner.

More Border Fills

To complement this quilt’s starry-night theme, the quiltmaker machine-stitched fireworks, or chrysanthemum, shapes in the inner border.

Border Fills Continued

The machine-quilted leaf border adds to the mood of a delicately colored floral quilt.

Orange-Peel Design

The center section of this quilt is stitched with an interlocking orange peel design. The leaves in the border, joined with the deeply arched vines, are half of the orange peel design.

Blast from the Past

A pleasant scalloped edge frames a classic looped border in this vintage quilt. The traditional crosshatching creates a wonderful backdrop for the appliquéd blocks.

Sweet Inspiration

Cookie cutters were used as patterns for the stars casually scattered around the border.

Machine Quilting--Variegated Thread

Variegated thread stitched in concentric teardrop shapes fills the black diamond shape with vibrant color that complements the quilt’s brilliant fabrics.

Machine Quilting--Double Needle

Machine stitching with a double needle easily creates perfectly parallel diagonal lines, which crisscross the star and continue into the setting squares and borders.

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