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Our Best Tips for Machine-Quilting

Whether you quilt a project yourself or send it to a professional long-arm quilter, you'll get better results if you prepare it properly. See our best tips for getting perfect quilting on your finished quilt!


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4 Things to Tell Your Long-Arm Quilter

If you're having someone else do the quilting, be sure to talk about the following with him or her.

  • Discuss a turnaround time. Realize that certain times of the year, such as Christmas or graduation seasons, tend to be busier.


  • After critically examining your quilt top, point out any possible problems, realizing that some things simply cannot be "quilted out." Wavy borders, multiple fabric types, and bias edges (which can easily stretch) all can lead to puckering during the quilting process.


  • Determine how loose items (such as lace, prairie points, and flanges), applique, photos printed on fabric, or embroidery should be handled. Be clear about whether you want these embellishments quilted or unquilted.


  • If you are unsure of how you would like your project to be quilted, ask your quilter for suggestions on design and thread options. Let your quilter know if you want the thread color to blend or be the main attraction.


Print our guide for machine-quilting here.