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Machine Quilting Basics

Machine-quilting stitches are continuous and even, giving a quilt a precise look. With practice and these tips, you can create keepsake-quality quilts with your sewing machine.


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Controlling a Large Project When Quilting

When you’re working on a large quilt, it can be difficult to control the bulk of many fabric layers, especially between the needle and the inside of the machine arm. Some machine quilters find it is easier to roll the project, but others find rolling it unnecessary. The choice is yours.

1. Evenly roll or fold up opposite sides of the quilt sandwich. Secure the sides as desired. Note: Quilt shops often carry clips specially designed for this purpose.

2. Evenly roll or fold up a remaining quilt side, again securing as desired.

3. Place the project beneath the needle and presser foot and begin quilting.

4. Reroll or refold the layered quilt sandwich to stitch new areas.



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