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Machine Quilting Basics

Machine-quilting stitches are continuous and even, giving a quilt a precise look. With practice and these tips, you can create keepsake-quality quilts with your sewing machine.


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Tools for Machine Quilting

Before you begin any quilting project, collect the tools and materials you’ll need in one easy-to-access place. Below is a list of general supplies. 

Darning, free-motion quilting, or hopper foot: This sewing machine attachment is used for free-motion quilting. You may find one in your machine’s accessory kit. If not, know the model and brand name of your machine when you go to purchase one.

Safety pins: Use these pins to hold together a quilt’s layers during quilting.

Table or other large work surface that’s level with your machine bed: Your quilt will need the support.Thread: Look for quilting thread made of either 100% cotton or a cotton-polyester blend. For quilting that blends into the background, use fine nylon or polyester monofilament thread.

Walking or even-feed foot: This sewing machine attachment helps you keep long, straight quilting lines smooth and pucker-free.