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Flowers and Leaves Quilting Designs

Make flowers and leaves the star of your quilt. These motifs can highlight beautiful appliqué or add dimension to basic blocks. Browse our gallery of flowers and leaves quilting designs for ideas and tips from our machine-quilters.

String of Lanterns

Designer Pat Sloan machine-quilted a free-form flower in each block, then straight-line quilted some of the outer border stripes.

See the whole quilt here.


Fly into Spring

Amie Potter outline-quilted the flower appliqués, stitched loops in background of sashing strips, and added feather motifs to border.

See the whole quilt here.

Attention to Detail

To give her finished appliqués the look of trapunto, Wendy Sheppard machine-outline-quilted around each appliqué and added dense wave designs (known as McTavishing) in the appliqué backgrounds She also straight-stitched around the black-and-white dot circles so the center of each flower is flat and the petals are puffy. Wendy stitched free-motion swirls in the corner units and dense feather motifs in the border.

See the whole quilt here.

Fresh New Attitude

Becky Goldsmith machine-quilted a variety of straight lines, zigzags, and loops in the leaf appliqués. She filled in the quilt center and outer border backgrounds with floral motifs and stitched a flower design in each circle appliqué. In the inner border she stitched three rows of parallel lines spaced about 3⁄8" apart.

See the whole quilt here.

Sweet Carolina

Annemarie Yohnk machine-quilted dense ripple designs in the tan tone-on-tone quilt center. She added curved outline quilting in each red print square, curled tendrils in the green tone-on-tone pieces, and vein lines in the leaf appliqués. She stitched each middle border triangle-square in the ditch and featured loop and scallop patterns in the inner and outer borders.

See the whole quilt here.

Sweet Centerpiece

Helen Stubbings machine-outline-quilted around the bottom layer of appliqué pieces and stitched dense wave designs in the solid white background. She quilted an X in each Pinwheel block, stitching in the ditch along the triangle-square seams.

See the whole quilt here.

Summer Bliss

Rachel Greyling machine-quilted floral motifs in the light blue print triangles, white vine print squares, and the center square of each block. She quilted a vine pattern in the large diamond shapes created by the yellow print triangles and green dot squares. She filled the remaining block areas with curved triangles and squares.

See the whole quilt here.

How Sweet It Is

Karen Mathison machine-quilted swirl and leaf designs in the star blocks, setting triangles, and corner triangles. She stipple-quilted the appliquéd block backgrounds and filled each setting square with a large rose motif. She featured wave, vine, and rose garland patterns in the inner, middle, and outer borders, respectively.

See the whole quilt here.

Feather Quilting Designs


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