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Pieced Bias Binding

Jazz up your finished quilt with diagonal-stripe, pieced binding. Begin with easy-to-piece strip sets, then cut bias segments for binding.

Cut the Strips

Cut bias strips from the binding sets in the desired width you need for the pattern.


NEXT: Join the Strips

Join the Strips

Join the strips to make a continuous bias strip.


NEXT: Finish Up

Finish Up

Prepare the continuous bias strip as for double-fold (French-fold) binding. With raw edges aligned, join the pieced binding to the quilt. (For more details about adding binding to a quilt, along with step-by-step photos for turning corners, see our tips for better binding.)

Turn the binding over the edge of the quilt to the back. Hand-stitch the binding to the backing fabric, making sure to cover the binding stitching line.


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