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Making Quilt Labels

Follow these tips for labeling your quilt, then choose from two block ideas to make your own quilt label.


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Make A Foundation-Pieced Quilt Label


Even if you only have bits and pieces of fabric left from the quilt top, you can make this 4" square label block to personalize your quilt.

Cut Fabrics

From solid cream, cut:
1--3x5" rectangle

From assorted prints, cut:
6--3" squares

From downloadable pdf (above), cut:
1--Foundation Pattern from paper


Assemble Foundation-Piece Block

1. For one block you’ll need one solid cream 3x5" rectangle (signed, if desired); six assorted print 3" squares; and a foundation paper.

2. With wrong sides together, center area No. 1 of a foundation paper over a 3" square (Diagram 1). Remember, this and all subsequent pieces should cover the area within the lines plus 1/4" beyond them. Hold fabric piece No. 1 in place with your fingers, a pin, or a dab from a glue stick.

3. With right sides together, place a second 3" square under first square, aligning raw edges (Diagram 2). With right side of foundation paper up, stitch on line between areas 1 and 2, beginning and ending a few stitches beyond ends of line (Diagram 3). Trim seam allowance to a scant 1/4". Press second square open, pressing seam toward area No. 2. Trim pieces to about 1/4" beyond lines around areas 1 and 2 (Diagram 4).

4. With raw edges aligned and right sides together, position a solid cream 3x5" rectangle under first two pieces. (Signature on solid cream rectangle should be upside down and facing right side of first two prints.) Stitch on line between areas 1, 2, and 3 (Diagram 5). Trim seam allowance and press solid cream piece open. Trim solid cream piece to about 1/4" beyond lines around area No. 3. Add remaining assorted 3" squares in numerical order, trimming and pressing as before, to make a block (Diagram 6).