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Joining Binding Ends

Continuous binding with no bulk is easy to do. Learn how and you'll never have lumpy binding again!


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Stitch the Binding to the Quilt

Prepare binding strips as for double-fold (French-fold) binding, but do not fold under an end.

Beginning in the center of the bottom edge, place the binding strip against the right side of the quilt top. Align the binding strip’s raw edges with the quilt top’s raw edge, leaving a 10" tail.

Starting 10" from the end, sew the binding to the quilt using a 1/4" seam allowance. Stop sewing when you are within 10" to 20" from where you began stitching. Backstitch at both the beginning and the end.

Measure quilt top’s edge. Cut a 6"- to 10"-wide strip of prewashed fabric 2" longer than the quilt’s top edge. Fold under 1-1/2" on both ends of fabric strip. Sew 1/4" from raw edges.