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How to Cut Binding: A Step-By-Step Guide

Learn to determine how much binding you need, what type is best for your quilt, and how to cut straight-grain binding strips. If your quilt has curved edges, cut the strips on the bias (see here for the how-to steps).


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Determine Binding Length

Determine how much binding you will need to go around all edges of your quilt. Many patterns list the number of binding strips or the total length needed to complete a project. 

If you need to determine the binding length yourself, lay the quilt flat and measure through the center of each border strip (do not measure along the outer edge of the quilt); add the lengths of each side together. Add approximately 20" to allow for diagonally seaming strips and finishing the ends of continuous binding (binding in one long strip with no breaks except where it begins and ends).



Determine Binding Type and Width

Before cutting your binding strips, you need to decide whether you want single-fold or double-fold (French-fold) binding. Also determine whether you want to cut the binding on the straight grain or bias grain. If you are working on a project that has curved or scalloped edges, you will need to cut your strips on the bias grain. For different looks, experiment with how you piece your binding strips—diagonal or straight seams. 


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