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How to Bind: Prep Your Binding and Sew It On with Two Methods

Continuous binding with no bulk is easy to do. Learn how and you'll never have lumpy binding again!


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Joining Binding Ends with No Overlap

Some quilters prefer to seam the ends of a binding strip together, rather than overlapping them. Seaming the ends means less bulk.


1. Prepare the binding strips as for double-fold (French-fold) binding, but do not fold under an end.

2. Beginning in the center of the bottom edge, place the binding strip against the right side of the quilt top; align the binding strip’s raw edges with the quilt top’s raw edge and leave a 6" to 10" tail (the larger the project, the longer the tail).

3. Starting 6" to 10" from the end (depending on the length of your binding strip tail), sew the binding to the quilt. Stop sewing when you are within 10" to 20" from where you began stitching.

4. Remove the quilt from under the presser foot and place it on a flat surface.

5. Lay the first binding tail in place on the quilt top, aligning the raw edges. Repeat with the second binding tail. Crease the second binding tail where it meets the first tail’s straight-cut end. From the crease, measure and mark the distance of the binding strip’s cut width; cut second tail at mark. For example, these binding strips were cut 2" wide, so we measured 2" from the crease and cut the second tail straight across at that mark.

6. Open the tails; with right sides together, place one on top of the other at a right angle.

7. Join the strips with a diagonal seam. Before stitching, check to be sure the strips are not twisted. Trim the seam allowance to 1⁄4" and finger-press open.

8. Fold the binding strip in half lengthwise as it was previously. It should lie perfectly flat. 

9. Continue sewing the binding strip to the starting point. Backstitch to secure.

10. Turn the binding over the edge of the quilt to the back. Hand-stitch the binding to the backing fabric, making sure to cover the binding stitching line.