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Creative Quilt Label Ideas

Personalize your quilt with unique labels! From printing your own designs to piecing a label block, these ideas will showcase the love that went into each quilt you make.

  • Showcase Scraps

    Idea: Use scraps to make a pieced border for your label

    Personalize it: Scan your signature into the computer and include it on a printed label for a handmade feel

  • Extra Block

    Idea: Make an extra quilt block to use as a label

    Personalize it: Use a fabric marker to write the name of the quilt, the date completed, and more on the block

  • Simple Logo

    Idea: Order quilt labels from an online store like Etsy that include your name and a fun image

    Personalize it: Frame the label on a fabric scrap from the quilt

  • Word Play

    Idea: Hand-write a special poem or quote to accompany the quilt

    Personalize it: Add little doodles as a playful frame to the label

  • Use Negative Space

    Idea: Make an extra block with prints and solids

    Personalize it: Fill in lighter prints or solids with the quilt label information for a creative way to use white space

  • Embroidered Design

    Idea: Hand-embroider the quilt's name and finished date on an extra scrap of fabric

    Personalize it: Further embellish the label with French knots, stems stitches, or other decorative stitches

  • Printed Pattern

    Idea: Print a label with an inkjet printer and printer fabric sheets

    Personalize it: Design your own label that combines text, photos, or clip are using a word-processing, desktop-publishing, scrapbooking, or label-making software

  • Stitched Style

    Idea: Machine-embroider the quilt's information on a label that matches the backing fabric

    Personalize it: Add little embroidered icons for a decorative touch