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Choose the Right Batting

Understanding the differences between batting types will help make selecting a quilt batting easier.


How Will Your Quilt Be Used?

Before you make your final batting choice, consider how you’ll use your quilt. These questions will help you evaluate which batting is best for your project.

Is it a baby quilt that will be washed and dried extensively? Will it be placed on a child’s bed and get pulled and tugged? Are you making a wall hanging that needs to maintain sharp, crisp corners? Or are you making a quilt that you want to drape loosely over a bed and tuck beneath the pillows? Is it an heirloom project that will be used sparingly and only laundered once every few years? Or is it a decorative item that will never be washed? Is it a table runner that needs to lie extremely flat?

Click here to download a chart that will help you use the answers to find the best batting for your project.

Click here to download a chart of standard batting sizes.