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Border and Corner Blocks

Measuring and cutting borders to fit your quilt center is essential to having a flat finished quilt. Avoid wavy borders by putting these ideas into practice.


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Bringing It All Together

Cut the border strips on the lengthwise grain of the fabric whenever possible. It has less stretch and more stability than the crosswise grain. Crosswise grain is when you cut the fabric from the fold to the selvedge, or from selvedge to selvedge. With a crosswise cut, you’ll need to piece border strips together for larger quilts.

Fold each side border strip, fold in half crosswise and press lightly to mark the center.

Fold the quilt center in half and press lightly to mark the center of the side edges.

With the right sides together, and raw edges aligned, pin and sew the side border strips to the side edges of the quilt with a 1/4" seam allowance, matching the center fold lines. Press the seam allowances toward the border.

Sew a corner stone or block to each end of the top and bottom strips. Press the seam allowance toward the border strip.

Pin and sew the borders to top and bottom edges of the quilt center, matching center fold lines, ends, and seams. Press the seam allowances toward the borders.