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Better Binding

A staple for every quilter, learn the double-layer (French fold) binding method to complete you quilt's edges. It's easy to do and adds durability to your finished quilt.


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Attach the Binding

With the wrong side inside, fold under 1" at one end of the binding strip and press. Then fold the strip in half lengthwise with the wrong side inside. Place the binding strip against the right side of the quilt top along one edge, aligning the binding strip’s raw edges with the quilt top’s raw edge (do not start at a corner). Begin sewing the binding in place 2" from the folded end.

To turn a corner, stop sewing when you’re 1/4" from the corner (or a distance equal to the seam allowance you’re using). Backstitch, and then clip the threads.

Remove the quilt from under the sewing-machine presser foot. Fold the binding strip upward, creating a diagonal fold, and finger-press.

Holding the diagonal fold in place with your finger, bring the binding strip down in line with the adjacent edge, making a horizontal fold that aligns with the quilt edge. Start sewing again at the top of the horizontal fold, stitching through all layers. Sew around the quilt, turning each corner like this.




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