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Machine Minute: Get a Hand-Embroidered Look by Machine

Use your sewing machine to get a hand-embroidered look in minutes.


Hi I'm Jennifer felt that with today's machine minute brought to you might -- be locked and the symphony machine. Today's topic is how to get the look at hand embroidery by using your machine instead of a needle in a threat. This is the -- let me today. And you might be familiar with the look at -- work it's become very popular again or blue work might be more your cup but he has in his mind. Here I just John as simple to look shape and done all of this RI machine in a matter of minutes the key is in the thread choice and the states like. What I units or the threat in my needle was -- two -- Floss that I found to Michael's this is a heavier thread that you would normally use your machine. And to accommodate for that I've chosen a size nine he needle because they need a larger needle I for the threat to go through this car. In the deal that won't two up that threat is is going through the machine. Then. All you have to do is Trace your design Peter traced the pattern -- using or simply draw. Your free hand design using it air or water. Very simple marker. Once you're happy with fat. You'll have your specialty threat. In the top of your machine. In the box and you'll have a regular weight sewing thread and that ensures. That your heavier -- -- sit on topping it -- to the back giving you don't look at the end embroidery. And then you want to increase the -- and I chosen -- states like three RIPs. And I. Do this technique I'd like to put an extra layer of Muslim behind. So that allow my stitches desserts and on top and pull through more with a look at an embroidery. And then I simply start. Selling I go slow so that I can carefully follow the lines -- -- traced but it's a great way to get hand embroidered look in minutes by using your machine.