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Embroidery Hoop Art

Itching to get stitching? Embroider these fresh designs and admire your handmade works in a hangable hoop.


Dream of a quiet place of winding trails and peaceful meadows while appliqueing and embroidering these nature-inspired hangups.

Get the tree embroidery pattern here.

Get the dandelion embroidery pattern here.


A Mother's Blessing

A timeless and endearing piece, this heartwarming mother-and-child sampler is destined to become an heirloom.

Get the free embroidery pattern here.

Stylized Bloom

Pretty in pink and bursting with stitch goodness, this funky blossom comes to life with rings of highly textured embroidery. 

Get the free embroidery pattern here.

Round the Clock

Don’t let time slip by without whipping up a clock sampler. Each number outline is embellished with a different motif, and a plastic embroidery hoop adds to the colorful display. 

Get the free embroidery pattern here.

Beaded Snowflakes

You’ll get a flurry of compliments when you make these beaded snowflake beauties. 

Get the free embroidery pattern here.


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