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Rotary Timesavers

Chain-piecing and strip-piecing are two ways to quilt more efficiently. Learn to do both.


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1. To make two-color Nine-Patch units, cut three strips from each of two fabrics; each strip should be one-third the finished size of the unit plus 1/2". For example, for a finished 6" square, cut three 2-1/2"-wide strips from each of two fabrics.

2. Lay out strips in sets of three, alternating fabrics; sew long edges together. Press strips open, then cut the pieced strips into segments that are as wide as the original strips you cut; in our example, cut the strips into 2-1/2"-wide segments.

3. Lay out two segments from the first strip set and one segment from the second strip set. Matching the seam lines, sew together to make a Nine-Patch unit.