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Rotary Timesavers

Chain-piecing and strip-piecing are two ways to quilt more efficiently. Learn to do both.


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Four-Patch Magic

1. To quickly make Four-Patch units from the same two fabrics, first cut a strip from each fabric half the finished size of the unit plus 1/2". For example, for a finished 6" square, cut a 3-1/2"-wide strip from two different fabrics.

2. Pair the strips with right sides together and sew long edges together. Press strips open, then cut the pieced strips into segments that are as wide as the original strips you cut; in our example, cut the strips into 3-1/2"-wide segments.

3. Lay out two segments and rotate one of the segments 180 degrees. Matching the seam lines, sew together to make a Four-Patch unit.