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Pivoting Outside Curves

Smooth stitching of appliqué shapes is all about understanding needle position and pivoting.


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Using Stabilizers

For better-looking appliqué, use a stabilizer beneath an appliqué foundation to add support and eliminate the puckers and pulling that can occur when you machine-appliqué.

Many brands of stabilizers are available. Two of the most common types are tear-away and water-soluble stabilizers. Freezer paper also may be used as a stabilizer. Experiment with a variety of types to determine which works best for you.

Remove temporary stabilizers, such as tear-away, wash-away, or freezer paper, once stitching is complete. Hold the stabilizer firmly on one side of the stitching and gently pull it away from the other side. Cut-away stabilizers are permanent and remain in the quilt or are only partially cut away after stitching. Experiment with a variety of stabilizer types to determine which works best.