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Lovely Valentine’s Day Crafts

Show your love this Valentine’s Day with cards and home decor that use stitches and sewing supplies.

  • Wooden Spool Heart

    Use your empty wooden spools to create a heartwarming wall decoration. Spray-paint a wooden heart plaque your desired color. Determine the various diameters of your wooden spool tops. Punch circles from patterned paper in sizes to match the spool tops and glue them in place. Adhere spools to the plaque with the tallest at the top and shortest at the bottom. Add patterned paper to thin wooden dowels to fill the spaces between spools.

  • Sophisticated Card

    Make a valentine that's both subtle and sophisticated by stitching around layered gray cardstock blocks. Trim around the card's sides with decorative-edge scissors, and finish the Valentine's Day card with pretty ribbon, rickrack, and paper trims.

  • Be Mine Mini Card

    A tiny stamped phrase and cute-as-can-be punched paper hearts make a quick Valentine's card. Stitch a matching heart to the envelope and add decorative paper trim for a special accent.

  • Valentine’s Wall Art

    These cute craft projects make great shelf decorations for Valentine's Day. To craft the collage, cut out repeating shapes from fabric (we used birds and hearts in various sizes) and use spray adhesive to mount them on white cardstock, then frame the embellished cardstock. For the small embroidery project, trace a design on a store-bought canvas, then backstitch the design.

  • Folded Heart Card

    Fold patterned-paper rectangles in half and cut out simple symmetrical hearts. Stitch along the folds to secure the hearts to the card. Keep layered paper accents and stitching them in place using decorating stitches. Add a sticker message and ribbon accent. 

  • Mini Treat Bags

    Whip up a batch of mini treat bags in record time. Use tiny clothespins to clip fabric or canvas hearts to the front of paper bags, then embellish the hearts with stickers or embroidery.

  • Lovely Pillows

    Tuck a love note into a canvas envelope attached to a pillow to give your sweetheart a custom-made gift on Valentine’s Day.

    Get instructions here.

  • Handmade Heart Card

    For this card, sketch a heart and machine-stitch over it several times. Fill the center with a paper heart. Add decorative gems and a stamped message.

  • Hot Valentine’s Card

    Tell your valentine that you have the hots for him with this clever candy card. Attach a square of notebook paper to the middle of a square card. Cut the words "you're hot" from a magazine or newspaper page and glue them to a circle punched from white paper. Attach the embellished circle to the notebook paper. Place cinnamon-flavored candy pieces on the notebook paper square and cover with a thin plastic sheet. Topstitch the plastic to the card with red thread, overlapping stitches.

  • Heartfelt Garland

    To make a garland of hearts, cut an even number of heart shapes from fabric scraps. Layer the hearts in pairs and attach pairs of hearts together with fusible web. Punch small holes in the sides of the hearts and tie them together with ribbon.

  • Sweet Cupcake Card

    Add a sweet fabric cupcake to a Valentine’s card. To create the cupcake, cut a circle from cream felt, then cut the circle in half with pinking shears or rotary cutter with a scalloped blade. Stitch a half circle with the pinked edge overlapping a piece of crimped pink paper. Adhere the cupcake to a card, top with a paper heart, and add a special message underneath.