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Tricks and Treats

Learn a few new techniques—easy, fusible appliqué and chain piecing—to make this bright and funky Halloween quilt come together quickly.


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Appliqué Rectangles

1. Referring to Quilt Assembly Diagram, lay out green print letters spelling “boo!” on the black print 15-1⁄2×8-1⁄2" rectangle; fuse in place.

2.  Lay out yellow print letters spelling “creepy” on the black print 25-1⁄2×8-1⁄2" rectangle; fuse in place.

3.  Lay out orange print letters spelling “spooky” on the black print 21-1⁄2×8-1⁄2" rectangle; fuse in place.

4. Lay out three black tone-on-tone A bats on orange print 33-1⁄2×6-1⁄2" rectangle; fuse in place.

5. Lay out B, C, and D shapes to make five candy corns on a green print 33-1⁄2 ×6-1⁄2" rectangle; fuse in place.

6. Using machine-quilting threads that match each appliqué, machine-satin-stitch around all edges, working from bottom layer to top on candy corn shapes, to complete appliquéd rectangles.