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Spooky Spider Treat Bag

A spider’s smiling face adorns a cute felt bag, perfect for trick-or-treating.


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Assemble Bag



1. Referring to photo of spider bag center black felt oval atop an orange felt 5-1⁄4" square. Using black thread, sew oval to square, leaving a small opening on one side. Stuff fiberfill through opening using eraser end of a pencil. Stitch opening closed to appliqué bag front.

2. Using a wide zigzag stitch and orange thread, sew six spider legs on bag front. Use a narrow zigzag stitch and black thread to make feet.

3. Glue eyes atop black oval. Chain-stitch a smile using white embroidery floss (Chain-Stitch Diagram).

To chain-stitch, pull needle up at A, form a U shape with the thread, and hold shape in place with your thumb. Push needle down at B, about 1⁄8" from A, and come up at C. Continue in same manner.

4. Using a 1⁄4" seam allowance and orange thread, join short edges of orange felt 1-1⁄2x5-1⁄4" rectangles to make a long strip.

5. Pin long strip to three edges of bag front with raw edges aligned and facing out. Sew pieces together using a 1⁄4" seam allowance. Join remaining orange felt 5-1⁄4" square and long strip in same manner to make bag body.