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Sophisticated Pumpkin Tablecloth

Black pumpkin silhouettes on a creamy white tablecloth bring an elegant touch to a Halloween table.


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Embellish Tablecloth

1. Using a marker for dark fabrics, transfer stitching lines on Pattern A to black felt A pumpkins. Using three strands of ivory floss and a running stitch, embroider pumpkins.

To make a running stitch, pull needle up at A and insert it back into fabric at B (Running Stitch Diagram). Continue in same manner, loading several stitches on needle at a time. Repeat to embroider remaining pumpkins.

2. Using Pattern B and black felt B pieces, repeat Step 1 to embroider corner pieces.

3. Position an embroidered B piece in each corner of tablecloth, aligning adjacent seamed edges. Following manufacturer’s instructions, fuse in place.
Note: To avoid scorching, place a Teflon appliqué pressing sheet over each piece, if desired.

4. Referring to photo, page 1, center an embroidered pumpkin along one edge of tablecloth, about 1⁄2" from seamed edge; fuse in place. Repeat to add remaining embroidered pumpkins.

5. Referring to Pattern A, use a fabric marker for light fabrics to transfer stitching lines for vines to tablecloth.

6. Lay tablecloth on flat surface and position stabilizer under vines area to be stitched. Using black thread and a small zigzag stitch or satin stitch, add vines to one pumpkin. Remove stabilizer. Repeat to add remaining vines to each pumpkin and complete tablecloth.