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Pretty Pumpkin Pillow

Combine embroidery with silk and wool fabrics to create a cozy pumpkin pillow for your fall decorating.


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Appliqué and Embellish Pillow Front

1. Referring to Appliqué Placement Diagram, position brown plaid wool A basket about 1-1⁄4" from bottom edge of a tan silk matka 16x9" rectangle. Add orange wool B–H pumpkins and brown wool I–O stems. Baste in place.

2. Using tan quilting thread and a primitive whipstitch, appliqué pieces in place.

3. Referring to photo and using a water-soluble marking pen, draw freehand vines for berries and leaves and the pumpkin section lines. Using three strands of brown floss, stem-stitch vines for berries; using tan floss, stem-stitch vine for leaves and pumpkin section lines.

To stem-stitch, pull your needle up at A (Stem Stitch Diagram), then insert it back into fabric at B, about 3⁄8" away from A. Holding floss out of the way, bring your needle back up at C and pull floss through so it lies flat against fabric. The distances between points A, B, and C should be equal. Pull gently with equal tautness after each stitch. Continue in same manner, holding floss out of the way on same side of stitching every time.

4. Appliqué green wool P leaves and orange wool Q berries as done in Step 2 to finish appliquéing pillow front.