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Decorate Pumpkins with Sewing Supplies

No carving your pumpkins this year! Just dig through your sewing stash to make these scrappy pumpkins perfect for a fall table or outdoor setting.

  • Black-and-White Pumpkins

    Black-and-white fabrics give these decorative pumpkins pizzazz! Simply sew a gathering stitch around a fabric circle to form the pumpkins. Stuff the pumpkins with plastic bags to give them their shape. Then pull your gathering stitch tight and tie it in a knot. For the stems, use rolled up black ribbon pinned to the centers. To finish the look, attach orange ribbon and store-bought leaves.

  • Sewing Basket Pumpkin

    Raid your sewing basket to create this cute pumpkin. Glue buttons to spools of thread for eyes, then mount the eyes on triangle-shape fabric scraps with pins. For the nose, glue a thimble to the top of a spool of thread in a second color; attach it to the pumpkin with a pin. A tape measure mouth finishes the look.

  • Shrieking Pumpkin

    Use chunky yarn to spell a scream! Start by cutting a circle in the top of the pumpkin around the stem, and then paint your pumpkin and stem in desired colors (we chose purple). Take a thick needle and start stitching a spook-tacular phrase. To finish, tie the yarn into a knot from the inside to secure the stitches.

  • Argyle Pumpkin

    Cut squares from your fave fabric (we used suede) to tack on point using upholstery tacks. Use an awl to make a pair of holes between each diamond. Poke ends of leather lacing into holes to form an X extending beyond each suede square and secure with upholstery tacks.

  • Naturally Spooky Pumpkins

    These pumpkins take your Halloween decorating for ho-hum to modern! Wrap foam balls with burlap. Wrap black or white ribbon and rickrack accents around the balls, and hold them in place with fabric glue or straight pins. Add a creepy crawler or two to complete the transformation. 

  • Ribbon and Rickrack Pumpkin

    For a quick and easy method, decorate your pumpkin with a mix of ribbon and rickrack pieces. Start at the top of the pumpkin near the stem, and hot-glue the trim along the pumpkin veins.

  • A Pumpkin with Character

    Add a pop of personality to a carved pumpkin with a few simple accessories. Cut a mustache shape out of black felt, and use a hot glue gun to adhere it to the face. Dress up an old-fashioned hat by wrapping a measuring tape around the brim. Get creative! Create a whole clan of pumpkin friends with a few fabric shapes and store-bought accessories.  

  • Buttoned Up Pumpkin

    Give a pretty pumpkin a ghostly message with a few on-hand supplies. Paint the pumpkin stem using black crafts paint; let dry. Spell a spooky word with black buttons, adhering them to the pumpkin with glue. Tie black wire-edged ribbon into a bow around the pumpkin stem to finish.

  • Polka Dot Pumpkin

    Avoid the mess of carving pumpkins and decorate one instead! Paint a pumpkin white and then use felt furniture pads to create a cascading pattern of black polk dots. It's as easy as that!

  • Lacy Pumpkin

    Drape a pumpkin with a piece of lace for a fancy and fashionable look. Use scissors to cut a small circle (the size of the stem) in the center of the lace piece. Lay the lace over the pumpkin,  sliding the stem through the circular opening. Gather the lace at the pumpkin bottom, trimming the excess if necessary. Secure the lace with running stitches in a wheel-spoke pattern.

  • Scrappy Pumpkin Head

    Dress up a painted pumpkin with scraps from your sewing stash. To make the cone-shape hat, trace a circle (about the size of a salad plate) on felt. Cut out the circle, then cut it in half. Roll one half into a cone shape, and secure the edges with fabric glue. (Set the other half aside for another project.) Decorate the hat with assorted ribbon and trim. Cut out a variety of eye, nose, and mouth pieces from assorted felt and cardstock. Adhere the layers to one another with fabric glue. Add gems or pom-poms for pupils. Glue the face pieces to the pumpkin.

  • All Tied Up Pumpkin

    Pin bands of ribbons in various prints to a pumpkin to quickly and easily add a surprising embellishment. Dot the pumpkin with whimsical daisies punched from paper and attached with decorative pins.