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Cat Pencil Toppers

These felted pencil toppers make the perfect gift for young children and cat lovers.


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Finish Cats

1. Position the eyes and nose on the cat face. Use the black perle cotton to blanket-stitch each eye in place. Make a French knot in the center of each eye for the pupil.

2. Use the orange perle cotton to blanket-stitch the nose in place.

3. Straight-stitch the whiskers and ear marking.

4. Place the appliquéd cat face on top of a plain head shape with the wrong sides facing together; baste, leaving an opening at the bottom.

5. Using the orange perle cotton, blanket-stitch around the cat face. Stuff with fiberfill, then place the cat head on the eraser end of an unsharpened pencil.

6. Tie a ribbon around the pencil underneath the cat head.