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Posh Pumpkins

It’s pumpkin season! Use plush fabrics for a fall display that can be enjoyed year after year.


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Designer: Pat Wodskow of Cuddle Soft Quilt Kits


Materials for One Pumpkin

•    14" square plush fabric (large pumpkin), or 10" square (medium pumpkin), or 7" square (small pumpkin) 

•    Crochet thread (to match plush fabric)

•    Polyester fiberfill

•    Poly-pellets (optional; available at crafts stores) 

•    Hot-glue gun and glue sticks

•    2" to 4"-long tree branch (stem)

•    10" to 15"-long piece brown paper-covered wire (vine)


Finished pumpkins (excluding stems): large, 5×3"; medium, 3-1⁄2×2-1⁄2"; small, 2-1⁄2×1-3⁄4"