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No-Sew Fall Decor

Use scraps of fabric, ribbon, and felt to add fall flair to your autumn decor. From table runners to wreaths to wine wraps, these decorations can be made in a jiffy and without a sewing machine!

  • Ghostly Welcome

    Post a trick-or-treat greeting on your front door! Start by wrapping a 14-inch straw wreath in chevron ribbon, gluing in several places to secure. Use bakers twine and a large-eyed needle to thread on the wool felt balls, tassels, and chalkboard sign. Wrap the ends of the twine around the back of the wreath and attach using pins. Embellish the chalkboard sign with a Halloween word or drawing!

  • Spying Eyes Wreath

    Trick-or-treaters might do a double take when they encounter a wreath that stares back at them! Cut purple and black felt into strips and roll them into a flower-like spiral; glue the end of the spiral to the body of the felt flower. Next, hot glue the purple felt flowers to a foam wreath, adding the black felt flowers sparingly. Add a wiggle eye to each black flower to create the appearance of spying creatures. To finish, use ribbon to tie a bow around the top of the wreath. 

  • Ghoulish Hang-Ups

    These ghoulish hang-ups are sure to spook all of your neighbors! Cover white party lanterns with yards of cheesecloth and then hang from a pergola or deck. 

  • Spooky Spools

    Turn spools into ghouls using embroidery floss, cardstock, and punches. Wrap embroidery floss in your desired color around the spool, covering the beginning of the floss to secure. Continue wrapping until shaft is completely covered or change colors to make stripes. Then add faces cut from cardstock as monstrous details.

  • Gothic Glow

    Focus on lacy candlelight to set the mood for a haunting celebration. Fit an unbleached parchment strip around a glass cylinder. Use spray adhesive to adhere black lace to the parchment; tape to the cylinder.

  • Hat Trick Fall Centerpiece

    A hatbox is anything but old-school when jazzed up for use as a centerpiece. Glue orange felt, black rickrack and ribbon, and felt dots to a papier-mâché hat box for standout fall style. Add fresh fall flowers or a collection of pretty gourds for a beautiful autumn table decoration.

  • Simple Linen Coasters

    Linen coasters up the sophistication factor at a party. No one has to know you crafted them for pennies apiece! Cut pieces of linen to 5x5”. Create fringe that is 1/4 to 1/2 inch long by pulling threads from each edge or cutting the edges with scissors. Use the coasters individually or stack and glue several of them together for added heft.

  • Perfect Place Mats

    Place mats made from linen in autumnal hues set the scene for a fall table. Cut a 16x20” rectangle of brown linen and a 14x18” rectangle of orange linen. From fusible web, cut a 15x19” rectangle and a 14x18” rectangle. Following manufacturer’s instructions, center 15x19” fusible web piece on brown linen 16x20” piece and press in place with an iron. Repeat to fuse 14x18” fusible web piece on same-size orange linen piece. Remove paper backing. Pull out threads, one at a time, from edges of brown linen piece until you have 1/2” of fringe. Finger-press all edges of the brown linen under 1”. Tuck the orange linen inside the pressed and fringed edges of the brown linen; press with an iron to fuse in place. Cover two buttons with additional brown linen scraps and glue to the place mat as a utensil guide.

  • Spooky Bloom Napkin Ties

    Create a classic table theme with black-and-white blooms cut from burlap and tulle. Stack the flowers on top of each other for dimension and hot glue in place. Add a rolled up piece of black tulle to the center with a dot of hot glue to finish the flower. Hot glue black lengths of ribbon to the back of the flower, then wrap them around napkins to create a spooky tablescape. 

  • Tricked Out Treats

    Store sweets in creepy yet cool spiderweb containers. Paint the exteriors of small peat pots white. Glue black rickrack or ribbon around the top edge of each pot and embellish with a spiderweb.

  • All-Tied-Up Napkins

    Add easy elegance to your table with casually tied napkins. Roll your napkins and hold them in place with ties of ribbon, rickrack, or other trim. Tuck in sprigs of berries as a finishing touch.

  • Braided Candle Holder

    Dress up a plain candle with a braided fabric wrap for a centerpiece. Measure the circumference of a glass candleholder and add a few inches. Cut three 2”-wide strips of this measured length from fabric in three different colors. Stack the strips atop one another and use fabric glue to glue the three ends together. When the glue dries, tack the glued ends to a corkboard and braid the strips. At the end of the braid, glue the strip ends together. Wrap the braid around the candleholder and use crafts glue to keep it in place.

  • Beautiful Leaves Table Runner

    Dress up a plain table runner with seasonal appliqués. Following manufacturer’s instructions, adhere fusible web to wrong side of fabrics in pretty fall colors. Draw leaf and stem shapes onto the paper backing of the fusible web, then cur out on drawn lines. Remove paper backing. Arrange stems and leaves on the runner, then fuse in place.

  • Framed Felt Leaf Artwork

    Brighten the wall above your buffet or kitchen table with this easy-to-make leaf artwork. Mount felt leaf shapes (available at crafts stores or traced and cut from a printed clip-art pattern) in shadow boxes with scrapbook-paper mats. Add extra flair with decorative stickpins and cute ribbon bows.

  • Harvest Wine Cover

    Two bands of linen add a charming touch to wine or cider bottles, making them perfect for a dinnertime party table or to give as hostess gifts. Cut two linen strips (one wider than the other) long enough to wrap around the desired bottle. Hold the linen in place with a dab of hot glue. Tie a leather band or hemp string around the center of the wrap; tuck in a stalk of wheat, a leaf, or a fall flower.

  • Autumn Dessert Plate

    A plain dessert plate instantly gets dressed for fall with a felt oak leaf layered on linen. Attach iron-on backing to the selected linen and felt. Trace the inner circumference of your plain glass plate and cut a circle this size from linen. Following manufacturer’s instructions, adhere fusible web to felt. Trace a leaf shape onto the paper backing of the fusible web, then cut out on drawn lines. Remove paper backing. Fuse leaf to the linen circle. Place the embellished linen circle under the plate. If desired, attach the fabric to the plate with spray adhesive.

  • Numbered Napkin Rings

    Whip up these linen napkin rings in less than an hour. From complementary colors, cut two strips: one 4x1-1/2” and one 4x1”. Use tacky glue to attach the narrower strip to the wider one, then glue the short ends together to close the loop. Glue an oversize button to the loop. If you wish, use a stencil or rub-on decal to decorate the button. Repeat for as many napkin rings as you desire.

  • Monogram Wine Bottle

    Create a beautiful hostess gift or personalize your next party with a monogram wine bottle cuff. Measure your bottle's circumference and add ½”. Cut two strips that length from complementary colors, one 3” wide and one 2” wide. Following manufacturer’s instructions, adhere fusible interfacing to back of strips. Embroider or use acrylic paint to stencil a monogram in the center of the 2”-wide strip. Use tacky glue to adhere the 3”-side strip to the center of the bottle. Let dry, then center the 2”-wide strip over the 3”-wide strip; glue. Hide the edges of the 2” strip by gluing ribbon over them.

  • Beaded Harvest Coasters

    Coasters made from different-size felt circles add a splash of autumn to any room. Freehand-cut circles about 4” and 5” wide or use a die-cutting tool. Using matching embroidery floss, use a simple stitch to join each smaller circle to a larger one: Pull a threaded needle up from the bottom on the edge of the larger circle, add beads, and push the needle down on the edge of the smaller circle. Repeat all the way around each coaster.

  • Glitzy Pinecone Chair Décor

    Make your guests feel special by decorating their dining chairs with seasonal adornments. Tie a wide ribbon bow on a chair back. Use a glittery chenille stem to tie a pinecone to the bow. Shape the chenille stem in pretty loops and add a coordinating ribbon bow atop the pinecone for fall color.

  • Natural Table Runner

    Bring beautiful fall color inside and sprinkle a table runner with fallen leaves and pretty pumpkins. Create the table runner using camel-color wool or felt. Cut the fabric to fit your table. Lay coordinating ribbons along the center of the runner and secure with double-stick tape or dabs of fabric glue. Scatter fabric leaves, mini pumpkins, and pears down the runner.