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Yo-Yo Stocking

Easy-to-make yo-yos add bursts of cheery color to this seasonal stocking.


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Assemble Stocking

1. Aligning long edges, sew together bands to make a rectangle for stocking front (Diagram 1). Press seams in one direction. The rectangle should be 15x23-1⁄2" including seam allowances. Cut 1 of Pattern A from rectangle to make stocking front.

2. Layer stocking batting pieces on wrong side of stocking front A piece and multicolor print A reversed stocking back. Machine-baste a scant 1⁄4" from edges. Machine-quilt front and back as desired using clear monofilament thread.

3. Tack center of large yo-yos to stocking front.

4. Sew together stocking front and lining A reversed piece along straight edge (Diagram 2). Repeat for stocking back and lining A piece. Open each shape flat and press seams toward lining. Layer a front/lining piece on top of a back/lining piece.

5. Sew together front/lining piece and back/lining piece, leaving an opening for turning in the lining (Diagram 3). Clip into seam allowance at 1⁄4" intervals at curves. Turn stocking right side out through opening; press. Sew opening closed. Insert lining into stocking. Topstitch 1⁄8" from edge around top of stocking.

6. Fold ribbon in half, matching raw edges. Whipstitch fold to inside at top right of stocking. Knot ends of ribbon.

7. Tack small yo-yos across top of stocking front.