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Yo-Yo Stocking

Easy-to-make yo-yos add bursts of cheery color to this seasonal stocking.


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Assemble Yo-Yos

1. Use patterns B and C to make yo-yos. Work with a comfortable length of doubled thread. Cut sewing thread about 24" to 36" long. Thread the length through an embroidery needle and knot the ends.

2. With wrong side of the circle facing, turn up a scant 1/4" hem. Insert needle into hem, starting at hem side and pushing to right side of circle (Step 1).

3. Work small, even gathering stitches (about 1⁄8" long) around the hem. The last stitch of the needle should come from right side of fabric circle up through hem at beginning of the first stitch.

4. Pull gathers tight, bringing them together on top of the circle (Step 2). Finger-press the shape flat. There will be a tiny hole in the center of the completed yo-yo. Secure thread, running it through a few gathers and securing it on underside of gathers.