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Trim a Tree

Decorate a foam cone with dozens of assorted green yo-yos to make this whimsical holiday tree. Hold each yo-yo in place with a shirt button and bead-studded pins, then mount the tree on a glass candleholder.


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Assemble Yo-Yo Tree

1. Secure remaining green print or polka dot C circle at top of cone with a straight pin. Fold circle over top of cone, making four small pleats in circle around outer edges so circle fits smoothly. Hold pleats in place with straight pins (Diagram 1). Remove pin at top of cone.

2. Insert a pin in upper edge of an A yo-yo to hold it in place at lower edge of foam cone. Yo-yo should extend about 1⁄2" below edge of cone. Hold a button over hole at center of yo-yo. Thread a seed bead onto a straight pin and insert through one of button holes into foam cone (Diagram 2). Repeat for second hole. Remove original straight pin.

3. Referring to Yo-Yo Tree Assembly Chart for the amount and size of yo-yos in each row, continue placing yo-yos on Row 1 of cone, keeping row straight and slightly overlapping each yo-yo over the one previously placed (Diagram 3). (Hint: Pin all yo-yos in row around cone to determine correct spacing before adding buttons and beads.) Slip one edge of last yo-yo in each row under edge of first yo-yo and secure in place as previously done.

4. Referring to Diagram 4, position Row 2 B yo-yos on cone, offsetting them to cover cone visible between Row 1 yo-yos. Secure with buttons and beaded pins.

5. Following Yo-Yo Tree Assembly Chart, continue adding yo-yos, row by row in numerical order.

6. Add top yo-yo with a single straight pin.

7. Following manufacturer’s instructions, use foam glue to secure glass candleholder to center of cone base. Allow to dry.

8. Tie pink polka dot ribbon in a bow. Secure bow to tree top with pink glass-head pin to complete yo-yo tree.